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Formulation Development using The HSCTMTechnology

Soluble Therapeutics' proprietary technology combines analytics with a predictive algorithm to optimize your protein formulations in about 60 days.

Use the Formulations we produce to:

  • Advance protein based product candidates from the lab to clinical trials faster.
  • Use the time and money that you'll save to advance new or existing products
  • Continue research on proteins that have been "shelved" due to solubility issues
  • Speed the commercialization of potentially lifesaving therapeutics and vaccines.

What proteins can be formulated?

The HSC Technology can be used to formulate proteins including:

  • Antibodies
  • Enzymes
  • Cell surface proteins
  • Membrane bound proteins
  • Signaling proteins

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HSC™ Technology, can rapidly determine the formulation that provides stable and soluble proteins for use as therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics, and research reagents.

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