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Most proteins are not very soluble or stable, especially at the high concentrations often needed for research, therapeutics, vaccines, scientific reagents, and industrial enzymes. Keeping proteins soluble and stable, until they are ready to be used, is a difficult challenge faced by manufacturers and researchers on a regular basis.  Solving solubility and stability issues can be costly and time consuming.  To simplify and speed up the process of identifying additives that keep proteins soluble and stable, Soluble Therapeutics has two different technologies that can be used independently or in combination.


The Dilyx Technology   The HSC Technology
The Dilyx Technology is designed to be used by individuals that are looking to identify the additives that will promote solubility and stability of their proteins in a few days and at low cost.   The HSC Technology is designed to be used by individuals looking to identify complete formulations that are highly optimized for a specific use and tailored to their protein.
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HSC™ Technology, can rapidly determine the formulation that provides stable and soluble proteins for use as therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostics, and research reagents.

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